CardioCollege e-Xpert ECG: The interactive online ECG e-learning application.

Enhance your ECG interpretation skills with e-Xpert ECG, the interactive online ECG training application by CardioCollege!

Having trouble diagnosing myocardial infarction/ischemia or arrhythmia through ECG interpretation? Do you find yourself frequently missing certain diagnoses or electrophysiologic abnormalities in an ECG tracing? This is your chance to enhance your ECG interpretation skills with e-Xpert ECG, the interactive online ECG training application by CardioCollege. e-Xpert ECG is an innovative and extremely effective way of learning ECG interpretation and enhancing your skills through exercise. e-Xpert ECG is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and highly interactive web-based training application which aims to provide anyone with access to the internet the knowledge and skills necessary in interpreting ECG tracings.

Smart learning

e-Xpert ECG is based on the proven e-learning formula developed by EA Solutions. The intelligent software monitors the progress of the student throughout the course and adopts accordingly based on the individual’s learning curve. This allows the student to concentrate on areas or subjects he/she has been having problems with while giving less focus to areas or concepts in which the student has proven to be sufficiently knowledgeable.

Interactive illustrations

e-Xpert ECG provides subscribers with thousands of problem-based exercises including hundreds of ECG tracings with numerous and extremely detailed animations explaining electrophysiology, proper interpretation, and much more. The highly interactive animations allow the student to observe the mechanism of diverse clinical processes in detail. e-Xpert ECG offers unique animations of the workings of the cardiovascular system, the electrophysiologic mechanisms involved, the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, and of course, hundreds of educational and instructive ECG tracings.

Instant feedback

Each of the exercises provided is accompanied by specific and concise explanation. A feedback tab is also provided for comments, suggestions, and questions from the students. Indeed, e-Xpert ECG teaches the student not only “the how” but also “the why”.

Study anywhere you like, whenever you like

Since e-Xpert ECG is a web-based training application, you can study anywhere you want and whenever you like. Because your personal scores and overall progress is maintained at our centralized systems, you can access your e-Xpert ECG account using any computer equipped with a broadband internet connection. This allows you to continue your progress and learning wherever you are.

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